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Established since 2005, iRewards Sdn Bhd has sought to contribute value to society by partnering with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) from various industries; operating its business with a focus on customer loyalty and rewards program through an array of cross-promotional strategies.

As we enter into the digital era, beeZmall.com was subsequently founded in 2014, transforming the entire business model with E-Commerce which aimed at providing value-added services with a win-win principle for both customers and merchants on the platform.

In 2016, iRewards Sdn Bhd was further restructured to iRewards Berhad – an investment holdings company that seeks to create diverse opportunities and limitless platforms with the expansion of more than five subsidiary companies.

Today, iRewards Berhad is committed to develop innovative strategies by leveraging on Big Data technology; at the same time, building a sustainable eco-system that meet the needs of customers and merchants. Ultimately, we aim to achieve competitive advantage and generate superior return on investment for our investors, partners and stakeholders.


To be the largest Big Data analytics company amongst ASEAN countries.

iRewards Berhad envisions to be the ambassador of promoting green and environmental friendly Internet Of Things (IoT). We constantly deliver value by improving business efficiency and effectiveness, enabling participating business partners to enjoy an improved life quality and balanced lifestyle within our community.


To assist SMEs in transforming current business models to online platforms and Internet of Things (IoT) by mastering the E-Commerce process.

To build a value-added referral system for online consumers to earn continuous passive income through their social network.

Core Purpose

Our vision and mission are aligned throughout the company with a solid purpose – To develop the best platform for shareholders, business partners, consumers and employees to create wealth together.

Future Plans

iRewards Berhad strives to integrate various industries and businesses through the power of Big Data technology, focusing on building sustainable financial and commercial infrastructure. It recognizes the untapped potentials and opportunities in the ASEAN region, aiming to provide financial and capital solution for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to leverage on Big Data and digital analytics to grow their businesses.

Moving forward, iRewards Berhad plans to expand its business to the populated, prosperous and rapid growing ASEAN countries, such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar and Philippines. Its ultimate goal of the platform is to reach a growth of 100 thousand users and 180 thousand merchants by 2020.

Corporate Governance

Our Board of Directors at iRewards Berhad sets the long-term strategy and ensures the success of the Company based on a clear direction and good corporate governance. It helps the Company to align operations and interests between our customers, merchants and society by focusing to build a corporate culture of open communication, transparency, accountability and fairness. This will enable us to gain the trust of shareholders by our ability to create shared value, while ensuring the duties executed by relevant parties are compliance with the laws and regulations.

We believe that good corporate governance is vital for achieving sustainable competitive advantage and increasing returns on investment (ROI). Therefore, iRewards Berhad is committed to carry out sound principles of good corporate governance and management accountability which promotes the long-term interests of shareholders and helps to build public trust in the Company.

Key Experts

At iRewards Berhad, we believe that success lies in having the right experts in the right places.

“Dare to Dream, Dare to Talk, Dare to Act”

Aaron, the founder of iRewards Berhad has more than 12 years of experience in the business alliances program. Prior to becoming the founder of iRewards Berhad, in 2005, he started BlockBuster Alliance Sdn Bhd and was awarded with the “ITEX Creativity Award”.

Throughout his career, he has partnered with EON bank and over 100 corporate brands to launch the iRewards co-branding card. In 2014, Aaron has successfully integrated more than 2,000 merchants on the cloud commerce marketplace development. Under his leadership, iRewards Berhad has successfully engaged and collaborated with the world’s top 100 companies.

Not just that, Aaron is known to be a dedicated and inspiring leader. He always upholds a positive mindset and motivates his team to achieve greater heights. He is passionate in creating synergy and teamwork among businesses that has enabled him to achieve long-term partnership with Malaysia SMEs on a single platform.

Aaron’s vision is to create an international platform that integrates the resources of society to offer more business opportunities for young and upcoming entrepreneurs. His humble attitude and extensive experience has empowered him to develop the younger generation by unleashing their full potential to achieve their dreams.

Aaron Chan, Founder of iRewards Bhd.

The Deal Sealer

Manfred started sales and marketing career on year 1992 and became shareholder of the company, started implementing company operation system using information technology on year 1996. Through his expertise, Manfred promoted become the top management in the company and successfully to create new branch in Johor Bahru, Thailand and Vietnam.

Upon Manfred’s return to Malaysia in year 2000, he implemented the fully systemized company-wide software. He strongly believes that information technology is one of the key success factors in any industry. In 2005, he created the first web-based photocopier with controlling system, auto-calculation and auto billing system, enabling the company to generate an annual sales of RM20 million. This revolutionary technology has benefited all the copier distributors in Malaysia.

Further, Manfred joined iRewards Alliance Sdn Bhd as a leading partner in 2008 with the aim to help the company move towards the E-Commerce and digital business. Through his vast experience, he has co-founded iRewards Berhad alongside with Mr. Aaron Chan, and is currently heading the company’s IT team.

Manfred’s drive and passion in information technology has enabled him to successfully develop a powerful Cloud Commerce engine for beeZmall.com. His purpose is to effectively manage and transform large volume of data into rich consumer analysis through Big Data system – with an ultimate mission for iRewards Berhad to become ASEAN’s biggest Big Data analytics company.

Manfred Seng, Co-Founder of iRewards Bhd.

Dato’ Sri Ng, the founder and Managing Director of Vern’s Holding Sdn Bhd has ventured into the manufacturing, licensing and retail business of fashionable ladies shoes and handbags for the young and young at heart since 2005.

Dato’ Sri Ng leads a workforce of over 400 employees and manages more than 60 outlets nationwide, mostly situated in major shopping malls.
Under his leadership, the company has engaged in innovational and effective marketing campaigns aimed at end-user within Malaysia and South East Asia.

Dato’ Sri’s effort has been recognised and been awarded with Top 10 JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Awards (CYEA) in 2010 and The Top 10 Outstanding Young Malaysian Awards (TOYM) in 2012.

Dato’ Sri Ng always committed to provide fashion solutions, ensuring quality satisfaction and delivering good customer services to all valued customers.

Dato’ Sri Ng, Independent Director

Dr. Jeh Shyan Wong was the former-CEO of CommerceNet Singapore from 2000-2010. He currently heads the CNSG Consulting Group as the Consulting Partner, and also serves as the founding partner in Shyan Associates in Singapore, and co-founded Orientis VC in South Africa. He currently advises multiple start-ups and investment groups.

Dr. Wong specializes in corporate restructuring and turnaround; revenue streams development and cashflow management; mergers and acquisition. His forte includes sophisticated financial modeling and business modelling. He is also well known for aggressive merger and acquisition techniques and innovative financial engineering. He often leads complicated cross national boundary pilot projects, with a special focus on high risks catalyst/strategic ventures. He is also a proponent of investment trusts.

Dr. Wong, Chief Advisor

Wong is the key founding members of Qinetics Solutions in year 2000. He was tasked with overseeing and managing the overall financial affairs and operations of Qinetics while playing an active role in corporate decisions and strategies. In 2011, Wong and the key management founded the Forum Digital, Jackcow.com under Qinetics Group. The business was subsequently merged into Milkadeal.com, currently a prominent player in Online Cashback Discount business in Malaysia.

Wong holds a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) from Monash University, and is an Associate Member of Malaysia Institute of Accountancy (MIA, Chartered Accountant) and CPA Australia. Prior to joining Qinetics, he worked at KPMG and BDO Binder public accounting firm. Wong spent 6 years in auditing, taxation, accounting, due diligence reviews and Initial Public Offering exercises.

To date, Wong has accumulated vast experience in mentoring and incubation corporates and new startups. Wong currently holds a directorship in MOC Capital Berhad and 6 other Berhad companies, focusing on guiding all of them in maximizing the capital structure of all companies, as well as guiding them on their IPO path.

Wong Sui Ting, Corporate Advisor

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