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Widely known as one of the fastest growing incubator and accelerator in Malaysia, iRewards Berhad is a mentor furnishes entrepreneurs with top innovative, technological and entrepreneurial practices. Now, iRewards Berhad no longer portrays themselves as any ordinary incubator and accelerator, they reach out to the public as a company compound of joint venture investment, venture capital, fund raising, corporate restructuring, private equity investment, accelerator and incubation to be listed in United Kingdom’s London Stock Exchange Main Board in year 2019.

iRewards Berhad was teamed by a group of ambitious entrepreneurs and business pioneers with proficient in entrepreneurship skills and investment strategies. They shared a common goal in mind: to guide businesses, companies, entrepreneurs and firms across Malaysia throughout the public stock exchange offering listing, depends on business nature and industry capacity.

stablished since 2005, iRewards Sdn Bhd has sought to contribute value to society by concept of business alliance partnering with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) from various industries; operating its business with a focus on customer loyalty and rewards program through an array of cross-promotional strategies.

In 2016, iRewards Sdn Bhd was further restructured to iRewards Berhad – a technology and innovation incubator who develops business strategies and sharpens ideas and unique selling points; and an accelerator who connects entrepreneurs with top experts from all walks of life. iRewards aspires to be the leading world-class player in ASEAN diversified investment sector leveraging on private equity, assisting and guiding local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to improvise business operational structure in reaching initial public offering listing standards.


To be one of the committed global leading investment company on nurture emerging companies for future expansion in diversified investment sector.


To assist at least 50 companies meeting IPO requirements, starting with ASEAN countries.

To build an international or global platform for investors to maximize their wealth.


To establish sustainable investments by propelling highly innovative technology focused emerging companies to the international scene by consolidating financial knowledge.

To place high emphasis on integrity and transparency in execution.

It perceives the untapped business opportunities in ASEAN, especially when the market is filled with local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with little of financial and capital market knowledge in leveraging on private equity to expand business.

Our Impact

Digital Economy created by iRewards Incubation and Investment Program

“Road to IPO” Program

iRewards Berhad is one of the pioneer corporation which manages investment funding for more than RM 40 million projects, and these investment funding shall be used on companies in the course of publicizing and listing in initial public stock exchange market. The corporation aims to expand company market cap to RM 10 billion and prep entrepreneurs in restructuring corporation for public stock exchange market.

iRewards Berhad will undergo business information of the selected companies from the applied lists, named from distinct industries, states, countries and continents. Once the company’s business information was supported by current market research and reviews from different IPO advisors, a face-to-face interview shall be arranged to analyse further on future expansion plan.

Once all documents on business expansion and financial planning is ready, iRewards Berhad will arrange meetings with the collaborative companies from time to time with the objective to understand the company’s current status and obstacles between the company and success. Invited experts shall offer advices and coaching whenever the company needs.

When the company’s business operation and financial status is mature, iRewards Berhad will gear up the company to be initial public offering ready, from reports to documentation. Further advices shall be given to the company, for the principal objective of the program is to prep companies to be qualified for IPO listing.


Future Plans

The ultimate goal iRewards Berhad is heading from the resolution year is full assistance to supporting collaborative companies, from company restructuring, financial planning to venture capitalization counselling, and within 5 years the supported company shall be ready and eligible to be listed in stock exchange boards.

iRewards Berhad believes that with technology, methodology and capitalization will evolve an entrepreneurship and its ideas, thus the company strives to offer continuing innovative solutions and activities, pile up and sustain the growing economic by offering financial and capital solutions whenever needed, stimulating the country’s development.

The company looking forward in incubating and coaching at least dozens of entrepreneurs and / or start up companies across Malaysia and South East Asia countries within five (5) years period from the resolution year. Yet their journey doesn’t stop here. Their firing spirits urge to create another hype in Asia Pacific region, and the aim is piloting masses of entrepreneurs and / or start up companies, creating more than thousands of employment and well upbringing professions.

iRewards Berhad’s ultimate goal is to assist 50 ASEAN companies in meeting initial public offering (IPO) requirements, starting with ASEAN countries with rapid development, take Indonesia and Myanmar as examples.

Corporate Governance

Our Board of Directors at iRewards Berhad sets the long-term strategy and ensures the success of the Company based on a clear direction and good corporate governance. It helps the Company to align operations and interests between our customers, merchants and society by focusing to build a corporate culture of open communication, transparency, accountability and fairness. This will enable us to gain the trust of shareholders by our ability to create shared value, while ensuring the duties executed by relevant parties are compliance with the laws and regulations.

We believe that good corporate governance is vital for achieving sustainable competitive advantage and increasing returns on investment (ROI). Therefore, iRewards Berhad is committed to carry out sound principles of good corporate governance and management accountability which promotes the long-term interests of shareholders and helps to build public trust in the Company.

Throughout the years, iRewards Berhad and the Board of Directors has been resolute in ensuring the the company’s business and affairs are in strict adherence to the principles of good corporate governance. The corporate governance sets out the adoption and practices of the principles of corporate governance as follows:

  • The rights, leadership and responsibilities of shareholders
  • The effective audit and risk management
  • The responsibilities of Directors to maintain meaningful relationship with shareholders

Disclosure and Transparency

Our Board of Directors at iRewards Berhad sets the long-term strategy and ensures the success of the Company based on a clear direction and good corporate governance. It helps the company to align operations and interests between our investors, shareholders and entrepreneurs by focusing to build a healthy entrepreneurship ecosystem of open communication, transparency, accountability and fairness. This will enable us to gain the trust of shareholders by our ability to create shared value, while ensuring the duties executed by relevant parties are in compliance with the laws and regulations.

We believe that good corporate governance is vital for achieving sustainable competitive advantage and increasing returns on investment (ROI). Therefore, iRewards Berhad is committed to carry out sound principles of good corporate governance and management accountability which promotes the long-term interests of shareholders and helps to build public trust in the Company.

Core Team

At iRewards Berhad, we believe that success lies in having the right experts in the right places.

“Dare to Dream, Dare to Talk, Dare to Act”

Aaron is the founder of iRewards Berhand and he has an adventurous personality, never stop from seeking challenges to achieve his goals. Like any of us, he faced downside of his life before he become successful. The realization of increase of business competition, Aaron found a solution by started Blockbuster Alliances Sdn Bhd in 2005 to help business grew continuously. He was then awarded with the ITEX Creativity Reward. Later, he partnered with EON bank and over 100 corporate brands to launch the iRewards co-branding card within 3 years’ time. He had successfully integrated more than 2,000 merchants on the cloud commerce marketplace development in the year of 2014.

With Aaron’s over 12 years experience-in-field and his leadership skills, he brought success to iRewards by continually engaging and collaborating with the selected world’s best companies. His dedication inspires and motivate his team to follow him to achieve their goals. His passion and ability creating synergy and teamwork among businesses had enabled him to achieve long-term partnership with SMEs around the world. This is one of Aaron’s strengths which leads him to the glory he has right now.

Aaron is a visionary man with strong mission in mind – to transform traditional small and medium enterprises in ASEAN countries, mentor them in operating businesses effectively to meet the requirements of initial public offering within 5 years, and the ideal stage, to be listed in public stock market main board. Well learnt that entrepreneurship is a hardship project done by one individual, he urge enterprises to integrate resources and societies to join forces as one, to trigger any potential where traditional small and medium enterprises might not aware.

Aaron Chan, Founder of iRewards Bhd.

Manfred masters the skill of maximizing a company’s valuation and increasing capital investment, merging with the boundless transformation which information technology can create, he assists and mentors entrepreneurs in their entrepreneurship journey with his profound knowledge.

Strongly belief in the possibility created with information technology and capital maximization was seeded in year 1992 when he started his career path. Started in the 1990s, when he was addressed as one of the shareholders in the company served, he exercises his sales and marketing expertise and brought great exposure and business potential to the company, later when his move in implementing information technology and systematised company operations in year 1996 had promoted him into the top managerial level and offered the opportunity to set up new branches in Johor Bahru, Thailand and Vietnam.

Learnt that how information technology accelerated a business over the servicing years, Manfred returned to Malaysia in year 2000 with the intention to implement systematic company-wide software into business. The move had created a new business revolution, but his ambition doesn’t stopped here.

In 2005, he created the very first web-based photocopier integrated control, auto-calculation and auto billing system, enabling the company to generate an annual sales of RM20 million without much manual monitoring. This revolutionary technology enlightened the copier distributors in Malaysia.

Later, Manfred joined iRewards Alliance Sdn Bhd as
a leading partner in 2008 with the aim of evolving business towards e-Commerce and digital business place.

Realized that information technology can create more than just digital business place, he later co-founded iRewards Berhad with Aaron Chan, and took the primary role as the company’s head of IT team. His skill set in information technology has successfully developed a powerful Cloud Commerce engine for local e-Commerce marketplace that effectively manages and transforms large volume of customer data into funnel consumer analysis through intricate data mining capabilities.

Manfred observes that aside from developing information technology to meet the evolving trend, yet venture capitalization is another key success factors in any company expansion. He transformed iRewards Berhad into a conglomerate of information technology and venture capitalization. He believes in working only with the best and forged strategic alliance with global industry leaders to build a dominant position in the market place.

Manfred Seng, Co-founder of iRewards Bhd.

A “kampong-born serial entrepreneur”, Jason Tan was started doing pet trading business since his childhood. He is very independent, since young he able to self-living on his education cost. He graduated with Master of International Marketing (MSC) from Sheffield Hallam University in 2012. Back to Malaysia, he continues to started his own car spare part trading business, within a very short time of period, he successfully to earns his first million. In order to continue his dream to build more young entrepreneur in the market. He joined iRewards Sdn Bhd as Business Partner in 2013. He always believes the power of collaboration. Under his leadership, he successfully to organise at least 50 business networking session for entrepreneurs in a year.

Jason is a dedicated entrepreneurial leadership and team player. He is always willing to sacrifice for his team and focus on business networking session. He loves making new friends, collaboration and building high value networks. His passion in dealing with youth and launching “Journey towards Onlineprenuership”. The focus is to understand youths and to train them as next generation online entrepreneurs. He targets a combination of entrepreneurs and youth in a unique O2O business model.

In 2018, he was promoted as one of iRewards Berhad’s board of directors. Throughout the years, he and his team successfully raised more than RM40.5 million as a group and incubate more than 30 companies, with his knowledge in entrepreneurial leadership, he mentors entrepreneurs in their route to initial public offering. He also very active in the NGO especially in Junior Chamber International (JCI). He was one of Porsche Club Malaysia Exco members between year 2019 and year 2020, appointed as Executive Vice President in JCI Kuala Lumpur in year 2017, won Top Recruiter in the JCI National President Incentive Awards in 2015.

Jason Tan, Business Development Director,

Dato’ Sri Ng, the founder and Managing Director of Vern’s Holding Sdn Bhd has ventured into the manufacturing, licensing and retail business of fashionable ladies shoes and handbags for the young and young at heart since 2005.

Dato’ Sri Ng leads a workforce of over 400 employees and manages more than 60 outlets nationwide, mostly situated in major shopping malls.
Under his leadership, the company has engaged in innovational and effective marketing campaigns aimed at end-user within Malaysia and South East Asia.

Dato’ Sri’s effort has been recognised and been awarded with Top 10 JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Awards (CYEA) in 2010 and The Top 10 Outstanding Young Malaysian Awards (TOYM) in 2012.

Dato’ Sri Ng always committed to provide fashion solutions, ensuring quality satisfaction and delivering good customer services to all valued customers.

Dato’ Sri Ng, Independent Director

Dato’ Simon started his legal practice in 1991 at Messrs Shook Lin & Bok, one of Malaysia largest law firms. He founded Messrs SC Lim& Partners in 1999.

Leading a versatile and vibrant practice, both in commercial litigation and corporate commercial practice, Dato’ Simon also sits in the Boards of many public listed companies in Malaysia. A senior practitioner of 26 years standing, he has chaired numerous disciplinary hearings for Bar Council.

Dato’ Simon has been a colourful leader since university days. Having a heart for societal affairs, he has served numerous NGOs ever since he became a lawyer. His compassion for public affairs saw him appointed as a political secretary to the Minister of Transport, Malaysia from 2009 to 2010.

A university of Malaya graduate majoring in Physics, Dato’ Simon continues his LLB studies at University of London and read his Master in Law at University of Malaya. Adding feathers to his hat, he is also A Barrister at Law of Lincoln’s Inn, UK, a Fellow of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, UK and Malaysian Institute of Arbitrators, a qualified panel mediator and an arbitrator of KLRCA, Malaysia.

A firm believer in educating, sharing and giving, he was invited to manage Messrs Gan & Zul since 2016.

Dato’ Simon Lim Seng Chai, Chief Legal Advisor

Equips with experience more than 23 years in field, Mr. Tang has walked through the line as Finance Chief with specialization in CFO Services, Corporate Finance, Business Process, Performance Improvement, Strategic Planning, Business Coaching, and Enterprise Architecture. And now, he is the founder and chief adviser who guides entrepreneurs throughout the entrepreneurship process.

Graduated from MIA Malaysia and the Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA), Mr. Tang is knowledgeable in Business Strategy, Strategy, Strategy, Strategic Planning, Business Development, Business Planning, Project Management, IT Strategy, Business Analysis, Program Management, Business Intelligence, Performance Management, Enterprise Architecture, Consulting, Outsourcing, Business Process, Organizational Design and so on.

Once was Corporate Adviser of Gintell Group for 7 years, Financial Director of Digital Imaging Company in SG which is the subsidiary of US listed Company for 5 years, CEO of Digital Imaging Company in Penang for 4 years, and currently a Founder and Chief Adviser of Esource Consulting Services Sdn Bhd.

Tai Lai Meng, Financial Advisor

In April 2017, Thomas worked as the Honorary Adviser for China-ASEAN Legal Cooperation Center in Nanning, China. Meanwhile, Thomas had been invited by the Guangxi Law Society to conduct legal training on Malaysian laws for the lawyers from Guangxi. In 2018, Thomas has been appointed as the Secretary General of the China-ASEAN Legal Cooperation Society, Malaysia.

Thomas Chin is actively involved in many societies and organisations in Malaysia and he currently serves the following posts:

General Legal Counsel of Junior International Chamber Kuala Lumpur

Honorary Advisor for China-ASEAN Legal Cooperation Center

Director of Advisory Centre for Chinese Living Abroad  in Malaysia of Malaysia-China Legal Cooperation  Society

  • Member of the Legal Aid Foundation
  • Member of Inns of Court Malaysia
  • Legal Committee of Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce;
  • Member of Young Malaysians Movement
Tai Lai Meng, Financial Advisor

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