August 2018 Weekly Newsletter – Week 4

August 2018 - Week 4

28 August 2018

Let us welcome iRewards Berhad’s new SPV – a shipping business-based company. The expansion has create a new portfolio for iRewards Berhad and the ecosystem is getting diverse.

29 August 2018

Gathering great minds together in this meeting, a new SPV company with the company name – StarBox ASEAN on blockchain loyalty program platform is set for the development on C2C, C2B, B2B, B2C, B2G, G2G and O2O environments. The SPV company is officially included as a SPV company under iRewards Berhad’s profile.

29 August 2018

It is eye-opening to all attendees who had attended the European Blockchain Hub advisory board meeting. The board meeting summarized the current progress and finalized decisive conclusion on the company financial plan.

29 August 2018

We’re delighted to have Mr. Vedesh, vice president of MasterCard South East Asia and Mr. Clement, CEO of Finexus Sdn. Bhd. visiting iRewards Berhad and Avango Berhad. The meeting between MasterCard South East Asia, Finexus Sdn. Bhd., iRewards Berhad and Avango Berhad is rewarding with the upcoming cooperation on loyalty program. Stay tuned for more collaboration updates.

31 August 2018

A further discussion dropped by Dato Sri Desmond with iRewards Berhad on a job development project in the purpose to contribute more powerful ideas and decision-making.