December 2018 Weekly Newsletter – Week 1

December 2018 - Week 1

4 December 2018

Great presentation by Mr. Aaron on iRewards Berhad’s business
model to Hong Kong potential investors, Mr. Scott and Mr. Kevin. We
welcome every passionate business and collaborations in
developing more potential market opportunities.

5 December 2018

International Supply Chain Alliance (ISCA) is a platform
project where iRewards Berhad is honoured to collaborate with one of Hong Kong’s largest property development company, Henderson Land Group. The group visited iRewards Berhad to finalize the set up of ISCA Asia chapter in Malaysia.

7 December 2018

Rewarding meeting session joined by Dato Paul Chong and the key persons from AmLife International Sdn. Bhd.! The masterminds exchanged opinions on Hong Kong IPO business expansion matters.

8 December 2018

Congratulations to Sharelaa Berhad on Melissa’s grand opening in Johor Bahru! Johor’s outlet is the forth outlet in Malaysia and the location is easy to access from the heart of the city and Singapore. Melissa is the renowned Brazilian jelly footwear company and has announced its presences across the globe. Want to know where the next outlet be? Stay tuned because more outlets to come!