December 2018 Weekly Newsletter – Week 4

December 2018 - Week 4

24 December 2018

Many thanks to our foreseeing partners who delivered their prospective opinions on blockchain technology development and Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). Keeping ourselves observant to the market trending and investments in near future builds a stronger iRewards Berhad umbrella.

26 December 2018

Great things come together as a pair. JRK Holdings Berhad keyperson introduced a group of investors to iRewards Berhad who are interested with our company portfolio. We are delighted to invite all potential future partners to build businesses with us and grow stronger profile together!

26 December 2018

When others are still querying the potentials in building online catering food and beverage branding consultancy service platform, Savour Tech Berhad is cooking and ready to serve in no time! Few finalizations left between the key persons and iRewards Berhad, and the operations shall be running shortly.

27 December 2018

Consummation has called to an end after few meetings with iDinar team in developing more potential investment projects with iRewards Berhad, and investment of digital asset token (made from physical gold) shall be the first collaborative projects.

27 December 2018

We paid our highest tribute to the key persons for they spend hours finalizing deliberation on setting up SPV under the shade – Micropay International Berhad.
This SPV focuses on cashless payment in the transportation sector for both Malaysia and other Southeast Asia regions through Visa and MasterCard, covering railway (LRT and MRT), parking lots, buses, and highway tolls.

28 December 2018

Rewarding and stimulating meeting with Knight Capital when conferring on the probable issues occur in the road to Hong Kong IPO. This meeting is a preparation discussion for three Malaysia companies in 2019.

29 December 2018

Delightful meeting with Mr. Derick and Mr. Harvey again for we are close to discussion perfection on tin mining project cooperation. In the mean time, the masterminds shared plans on road to IPO at a later date.

30 December 2018

While we are counting hours to a new year, we treasure every moments to make business better and brighter. The key persons gathered around the table for reviewing plans for upcoming operations in 2019 while seeking advice from Dr. Wong, iRewards’s corporate advisor. Seeing you soon in year 2019!