July 2018 Weekly Newsletter – Week 1

July 2018 - Week 1

1 July 2018

Kick start a brand new week with a Sunday meet up with Dato Dr. Doraisamy and his team on B2B, B2G and G2G connectivity.

7 July 2018

iRewards Berhad takes every opportunities to meet and update valued investors and business partners, take Dato Dr. GP, Mr. Yong and Mr. Kelvin as good examples.

5 July 2018

Great minds meet again on property project collaboration with the founders of Menara UP and partners from Ukur Perdana Sdn. Bhd.

6 July 2018

Thoughtful discussions with Executive Director of Weshare Global Financial Group (Hong Kong) brings fruitful joint venture. The group is licensed to play an important role for a company by structuring a company’s financial information and trust units, insurance and asset management.

A plan of setting up joint venture corporation coming up between Hong Kong-China and ASEAN with the aim on ‘One Belt One Road Businesses Eco-System Fund Management.’

7 July 2018

An important lunch-meeting with China Guangzhou Canton Fair management team. This meeting discussed on prospective business opportunities between China manufacturers and ASEAN entrepreneurs in depth.

7 July 2018

One of iRewards Berhad’s important milestone is the close door meeting with China Alibaba Call Center Global Partner, YunChang for the upcoming BlockChain B2B cross-border e-Commerce in Shenzhen, China. This meeting covers pre-launch of token issuance worth of USD 50 billion.

7 July 2018

Thank you Malaysian Islamic Chamber of Commerce (DPIMKL) for inviting iRewards Berhad to attend Hari Raya Aidilfitri Ceremony, hosted at their venue. This wonderful celebration night had brought opportunities to all attendees in developing stronger business networks.