September 2018 Weekly Newsletter – Week 4

September 2018 - Week 4

24 September 2018

Kreatif Hotel Berhad is back with a wonderful sharing on corporate structure, financial road maps and promising plans on projects. iRewards Berhad top management team is moved by the possibilities and the big boys are here to finalize the details!

25 September 2018

All hail the king of fruits! MK Agro Base Berhad, a distinguished durian plantation company will be joining iRewards Berhad’s SPV family in near future, and this new industry is a new page in iRewards Berhad’s portfolio.

25 September 2018

The greatest wealth is health. iRewards Berhad is proud with the latest portfolio for Natplus Wellness Berhad joined as iRewards Berhad’s SPV. This is the first wellness and healthcare SPV but it won’t be the last.

26 September 2018

iRewards Berhad’s Indonesian business partner visited the top management team with one intent. They are here to study and understanding deeper on the possibilities when using Private Equity vehicle like iRewards Berhad in their daily corporation operation. This is an intense yet rewarding session.

26 September 2018

Our deepest gratitude to Mr. Chong for introducing potential investors to iRewards Berhad and offered us a presentation on company business model to them. After the presentation, they continued with astounding studies on a project collaborated with Divinity Willing Marine Berhad.

27 September 2018

Let’s drink to our success! A productive after-dinner meeting with iRewards Berhad top management team, Dato Derick and Harvey on the upcoming mining project.

28 September 2018

Seated with iRewards Berhad top management team, Mr. Joey Yap, CEO of Divinity Willing Marine (M) Berhad is pleased to share the upcoming joint venture programme with Mr. Ma, the owner of a leading fish farm from Sitiwan.

29 September 2018

The best promotion is through word of mouth. Many thanks to our investor who have shared the excitement with his partner. His partner who have been involving himself in the food & beverage (F&B) industry, was keen with our business model and have plans to set up a SPV company with iRewards Berhad. Looking forward in hearing the good news soon!

30 September 2018

iRewards Berhad shareholder, Mr Franky How and his partner were in a discussion with Mr. Aaron. They intented to use Private Equity fundraising on their E-Sport Eco System and preparing for IPO. iRewards Berhad is excited to be one of the foundering shareholders.

30 September 2018

The month of September is completed with iRewards Berhad’s late lunch meeting with the firearm company on private investment funding. Details are being concluded and we are ready to bring more exciting news soon!